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Hi and welcome to my enthuiastic and developing site in the interest of a photographer.
Follow me in my adventures and discovers in new techniques and explorations of methods.
I started too take pictures in late december 2005.
All comments and critizism helps me to devolope, so they are more than welcome.


Nikon D70
Nikon 18-70 DX
Nikon 70-300 G
Nikon SB-800
Manfrotto tripod
Macintosh Powerbook G4 15”
Nikon D50


Apps for editing and just keepingtrack of the shots:
Adobe PhotoShop CS
iView Media Pro

Places I visit: - Just Photos

Archived Images:

Spinrock, LisebergBalder, LisebergBirdieBirdieStockholm by nightLife is like a rollercoasterA Player?nectarine in spotlightWomen looking forwardBlue circomstancesGet it tighterSteering towards the seaSpinrockCatwomen in styleThe ride is on its barrierCastle from the taleAn reflection of rideAn reflectionWhat makes a hole the sense of importenceGoing down along the railBlossom for all its worthCountryside viewBlowing kissesbumblebee looking for grooveAint 'i looking goodCherry against the sunRed currant showing offBig footConcrete attachmentThe angels TrumpetResting pointWorking the CatwalkFairytale castleBirdie namnamCurious horseLast years appleSour said the fly about the rowanberryJummeyIs it brokenOutgoing flowerPatternMagnoliaFlying teddyMan leaningKate moss in natureMonster in the woodsLeft fruitIn the frontSecret map?Spruce at contrastWater lilly in the blueSpruce as clawsBirchleavesCurled fernClear blueRecyklingWind checkpointFluffyDetermind catPurple invasionthe cat is hidingstraw leavingRose vs BugRed headPinkFlowersField of cloudsLiljekonvaljPollinated flowerPlease dear dont look at me like thatsilhouetteSnail taking a strollRoots serching for waterGohst in the woodsUpstreamsGreen, green, yellowThe time is tickingComfy couchFrom the cornerViola tricolorWhite flowers in the greenThe slum is getting widerWaterportalRacing snailImaginationLight the fabricReflectionElightedOn the wayThe sound of musicClose to heavenPostLight from aboveNaked woodDistant landWalking towards the lightPuzzel of mindHouse by the roadHorse taking breakElectric movementLocking heavenNight dreamerThe passage to homeLeave the skySnapshot of the pastCloud slideElephants hidingGrass making outKär å galenCannoeWatching the nightDepthChurchOutburstS:t Göran and the dragonConnectionChainsCornerLight it upFasadeAlingsåsOutbreakWinter stykebutterflySandy darlingEmotionContraFixpointDucklingsUnchain the natureParasoll

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